Elisheva Kirschenbaum
Director/Lead Teacher

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Elisheva Kirschenbaum, co-director of Chabad of Washington Heights has an AAS in Art and Design and a BEd from Michlelet Yerushalaim in Israel.

Elisheva has been a passionate and effective teacher for the past 15 years. When it was time for her own children to start socializing (at 18 months), she wanted them to have the ideal place. She opened a Reggio-inspired, Hebrew-language, health-food-only playgroup at the Chabad House. The program proved so successful that it rapidly developed into a preschool, now the Osher Early Learning Center — which continues to expand.

Elisheva believes in providing the program’s children with plenty of verbal, mental, and physical stimulation, optimism, joy, and above all, love, and a connectedness to their Jewish identity.

She also strives to impart her appreciation for music, spirituality, nature, and the arts.

Raiza Malka Hartz
Lead Teacher

IMG_5038.JPGRaiza Malka holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and a certificate of Advanced Jewish Studies from Machon Chana Women's Yeshiva. She is also co-director of Chabad of Inwood together with her husband and newborn daughter.

Raiza Malka has worked with children of all ages for the past 5 years and has specifically taught early childhood for 4 of those. She is passionate about children having freedom to express themselves and achieve their individual goals, whatever they may be. She works hard to create an atmosphere of learning where this is possible.

Raiza Malka was pleased to join the Osher family in the fall of 2015.

Mor Avinoam Valpais 

20160924_121826.jpgMor hails from Akko, Israel. She has lived in New York since 2011, and she joined the staff of Osher in the fall of 2014.

Mor fell in love with kids when she became an aunt and enjoys working with kids of all ages. She is passionate about integrating Hebrew speaking and comprehension into every aspect of the day, as well as sweetening our time in preschool with songs and stories. Her favorite book to read in school is Tiras Cham (Hot Corn).

Anna Schnur-Fishman 

FullSizeRender.jpgAnna holds a B.A. in Linguistics from Brown University. She worked for several years in English-language educational assessment, and prior to that, worked in nonprofit arts administration. She is the co-author of two children's books on Jewish themes.   

Anna works on creating a classroom where imaginations run free, we learn with our whole bodies, and everyone feels loved. When found in the office, she is making sure our school runs smoothly and facilitating communication among parents, teachers, and administrators.